My first relatively good animation

So i have been working on this animation project, i had to do a lot of things that i don’t usually do like animation and sound but i think it turned out well.

In the end of the blog there will be a link to the video on YouTube if you will want to watch it, i will talk about individual parts of the pipe line to show you how i did it.

Concepts and ideas:

It all started with me thinking “man, i don’t practice hard enough on 3d and i should really push myself out of my comfort zone. I know! I’ll make a complicated robot on blender!”

So i started working

The modeling part:

I always make my 3d stuff on blender, go check this software out, it deserves a lot of love, i’ll put a link down to there website, back to the story. So at first i was thinking i should go with this Genii type robot from Overwatch but what i settled on was completely different.

I first modeled the head of the robot and connected wires to it, then because i wanted the robot to have human anatomy i placed a human rig using the add on rigging rigify and traced over it with the wires.

Then i had to model the environment but it was just really making the stars for the end of the video, making Susan and it’s shape key and making the environment which was a plane with walls and a bevel modifier.

Texturing and shading:

This part was easy, i just used some of blender’s textures and shaders for the robot, kept Suzan and the plan white so it won’t look organic and made an emission shader for the stars.


As i said before the rigging part was easy because of the rigging rigify add on. I just had to make a few tweaks here and there and i was finished with this part, also is it worth saying that this is the part that i most hate?

Animation and shape keys:

Now this part was difficult because i am not a good animator, it’s not what i specialize in and im only a beginner in this subject.

Lucky the robot was the only part that had to be animated, suzan had its shape key and there wasn’t much else in the scene.

I have to say my aninatien came a bit below average because i didn’t work in a good way and as i already said, i’m not good at it.

As for the shape key there was only one, suzane getting cut in half.

Camera movement:

I think i did relatively good on this part but you tell me by watching the video, there isn’t much to say about this part, just animating the camera, making it move a bit on the z and x axis and that was it.


For the scene i wanted to have flat lighting but not to flat so you will still get that depth of field, all of the lights were white so nothing will look organic, i wanted the people watching the video to feel like its a science experiment in a cold lab.


The rendering was awful, i had to render in evee which put out less good results then cycles, so here is what happened:

After i finished everything it was time to render, as everybody does, i first did a test render in eves then if everything was fine i would do another test render in cycles and only then if everything was fine i would do the final render. But after the successful in evee i just couldn’t render, it got stuck in the first frame when i tried to render in cycles, so i only have an eevee version.

This section was all me ranting about rendering.

Final thoughts:

It was really fun working on this project and i learned a lot, thanks for reading my blog, go watch the video and i’ll see you next time.

To my video:

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