Panrir’s story

So I like doing other stuff then 3D, one of them is writing storys to character’s i draw, this is one of my storys, hope you enjoy it:

this creature is very dangerous and he will be able to smell you’re disgusting body from 100 miles away.

he doesn’t have eyes because he needs giant fur, in the past he had eyes but it didn’t use em so overtime with evolution it got read of them, the pros of that is that it heighten all of his other senses.

he needs the big fur because it usually lives in giant wet and dark forest, hiding in the mud for his pray and attacking its prey when the right time comes.

you wouldn’t be able to see it when it is hiding, if you think you have a chance against it, you are very brave, and very dumb, when we found them we realized were not on the top of the food chain, and there might be other creatures like it waiting for us.

this creature eats everything smaller then it, with his many teeth it might sometimes eat its prey in 1 bright.

first it will come out of nowhere since you wouldn’t be able to see it and it has the element of surprise, you have no chance against him.

this piece of shit weighs 5 tons and its claws are the size of the torso of a human.

we are so tiny compared to him that it wouldn’t even stab us with its claws because it will make such a big hole in you that there wouldn’t be left much to chew on.

it will just swallow you.

now there are two ways this could end, it could chop you and kill you instantly, it won’t hurt, this is the best casinario here is the worst one:

the creature attacked you, you’re being swallowed in one piece, if it just pooped then you will have plenty of space, anyways, its stomach acid will melt you slowly until there is nothing else to melt, then after 20 hours it’s going to poop everything it didn’t needed.

if you want to run away from it, you can’t, remember when i said this beast was weighing 5 tons, well does are all muscles

and what is the name of this all powerful beast you might ask, well, nice to meet you, my name is Panrir.

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